Sunday, September 25, 2016

Goodbye Summer & Workouts

Happy Monday!

We didn't do anything exciting this weekend. It was super hot, and our pool is closed, so we basically stayed inside all weekend, besides the gym and church.

I'm trying to transition into Fall mode, because it's really an awesome season, but with it being 90 here all week, it still seems like Summer to me! It's hard for me to fully embrace Fall, knowing this is right around the corner...gross.
I know you love my nose warmer.
Buuut, ya just gotta live in the moment and enjoy it! Next week we're supposed to be getting some cooler, more Fall-like days, which I'm actually pretty excited about. So, although it's bittersweet, I'm saying goodbye long days, pool floating, flip flop wearing, ice cream eating, and Jeep riding...and hello to cooler days, pumpkin everything, football watching, candy apples, chili, and beautiful colored trees! 

Gonna get me some pumpkins this week for decorating, some pumpkin spice candles, make some chili, open up all the windows in the house, and fully embrace the season. :) And there is Christmas to look forward to!!!!!!

Now on to the workouts! I started Brandon Lilly's leg program this week, and all I can say is I almost died on the first leg day.

The 3x10 squats were freaking hard for me(can you say cardio?), and I actually forgot about the 60 second rest...Oops. Definitely rested longer than that! The 30 short stride walking lunges after that demolished my quads....and then having to leg press after that? Um yeah...not fun. I am definitely NOT good at this high rep stuff , but I'm gonna stop being a crybaby and stick with it for the sake of the GAINZZZ(I hope!).

Deadlift day wasn't near as bad, thank goodness. Although I really felt the booty burn with the wider stance high rep sumos! Upper body days right now are just totally random, with no rhyme or reason to what I'm doing. At some point I want to focus on a bench program, but for now, I'm just wingin' it!

1)Power cleans: 115x3x3
2a)OH press: 75x5/80x4/4/75x6/6
2b)Pendlay row: 105x4x6
3a)Ring pushups: 3x12
3b)Ring face pull: 3x15
4a)Farmer's walks w/trap bar: 4x40 ish seconds
4b)Single leg /double leg banded hip thrust(alternated each set, so 2 sets each)
4c)Band walks: 4x15
5)Reverse decline bench crunches: 15/12/10/10

1)Squat: 160x3x10
2)Deficit speed deadlifts: 60%- 155x12x1 w/ 20-30 second rest
3)Short stride walking lunges: 3x15/leg
4)Wide stance leg press: 4x15
5)Seated leg curl: x100
6a)Calf raise: 4x12
6b)Seated abductions: 3x30
7)Feet elevated band glute bridge: 2x25

This is how Brandon says to progress with the workouts on the main lifts:
"The first week of an exercise, begin by handling weights that you know you can move well. Begin at the upper end of the allowable rep range and add weight accordingly each week. The next week, increase the number of reps from the week before but steer clear of failure. Repeat for the next week: keep the weight the same and shoot for more reps from the week before without hitting failure. For the fourth week, keep the weight the same and try to beat the numbers from the week before,  but the difference on this week is you can go to all out failure."

So next week I plan on increasing weight and working towards getting to 10 reps each week.

VaporX5 helping me get through those cardio squats!

1)Pullups: 45 reps (wide, neutral grip)
2)Bench press: worked up to 115x2x4/105x9
3a)Cable row: 4x10
3b)DB push press: 40x3x6
4a)DB lateral raise: 3x12
4b)EZ bar bicep curl: 9/8/12 (dropped the weight last set)
5 minutes of jump roping

1)Broad jumps 3x3
2)Deadlifts-heavy triple: worked up to 225
3)Wide stance deadlift @60% : 155x2x8
4)RDL: 135x3x12
5)Narrow stance leg press: 5x10
6)Glute ham raises: rest pause to 50 reps
7)Band clams: 2x20
8)Back extensions: 2x20
Finished with 20 seconds of bike sprints and L-sit hanging leg raises

I loved this video Jordan Syatt posted on Facebook. Really good truths in here. Definitely check it out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Intuitive Eating Thoughts

Lately I've been thinking about the idea of transitioning to intuitive eating at some point in the future. It's not because I don't like the way I eat or anything, or that I hate my food. No, I actually really like what I eat. I am fine with it for now, but I think I would like to one day be able to eat without overthinking it so much.

I mean, I do eat somewhat intuitively in the sense that I never feel like I HAVE to eat something and I genuinely do enjoy all the foods I eat(with the exception of any and all vegetables). I have variety in my diet and make food choices based on what sounds good to me at that moment, but I will admit that I do sometimes overthink it. Just as an example, I may think about having a certain amount of protein, or carbs, and/or fats, based on what I've already eaten or will eat later day. The whole macro thing just foreverrrr sticks in your head!

My biggest fear about eating more intuitively is not actually gaining weight but losing muscle. I've worked SO freaking hard to gain the muscle I have, and it has largely been due to changing the way I eat over the last few years. It's been because I've eaten MORE of the right things, in addition to my strength training, that has gotten me the best results. I'm afraid that if I ate strictly intuitively like I used to, I'd just grab an apple or a handful of Goldfish crackers for a snack instead of my protein source and then be under calories for the day. Or maybe if I'm honest, the fear is more about the lack of structure/control, and not knowing how much I'd be taking in each day like I (somewhat) do now.

And while I don't constantly stress about food like I used to, or fear any certain foods anymore, there are things I do right now that I would like to some day get away from....Things like making sure not to skip meals even if I'm not all that hungry,and always having to have a protein source at every meal, even if that's not really what I'm feeling. Not that those things are BAD, and most people in the fitness world actually do those things, but sometimes I want to be able to just EAT without thinking about if it's the right thing at the right time, or if I ate enough calories or not for the day. Basically, I just want to go back to how I ate in college, minus the daily fast food and Reese cups. ;)

Sometimes I don't know if I even could eat without thinking about the macros and all that. It's like that will never get out of my head, even though I don't even track anymore and haven't for years. But I know that I can, because it's what I do when I go on vacation, and I have no problem with it. I eat what truly sounds good to me at the time, and I don't stress about eating too much or too little. Although if I ate strictly intuitively, I would  probably never eat a single vegetable, because that is NEVER something that sounds good to there's that.

So I don't even know how you would start towards intuitive eating. Like, I know you can't just wake up one day and totally forget how you have been eating for the last 10 years....And I know mentally it would be a struggle. But I do feel that at some point this would be the next step in my nutrition journey.

I liked this article that I came across the other day, that kind of sparked my thoughts about this intuitive eating thing.

Anyone have any thoughts or tips to share?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Workouts Of The Week

Happy Monday! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! 

Workouts were good this week, just made them up on the fly. I'll be starting Brandon Lilly's leg routine this coming week!

I still could barely walk from Saturday's leg workout, so today was just upper body, no glute work, except for some lateral band walks between farmer's walks.

1)DB snatch: 4x5
2)Seated DB overhead press: 35x8/40x3x6
3a)Bench press: 95x4x6
3b)Pendlay row: 95x4x6
4)Pull-aparts: 5x20
5a)Farmer's walks(off set) 4x45-60 seconds
5b)Band walks 3x15

I planned on starting my new leg program this week, but I just didn't feel like I would be able to squat, even though the soreness was much better. So I decided to do deadlifts instead. They felt great, even going beltless and sumo stance. Not going super heavy on them, but just getting used to doing sumo again.

1)Sumo deadlift: 185x5/205x5/210x5/190x8(double overhand grip last set)
2)Leg press: narrow stance 3x15/wide stance-2x15
3)Glute ham raise: 0x12/10x3x12
4a)Band seated abductions: 3x25-30
4b)Bulgarian split squat, holding one dumbbell: 3x12
5a)Back extensions w/weight: 3x12
5b)Calf raises; 1x15/3x12
6)Feet elevated glute bridge with band: 25/20/20
7)Hanging leg raises: 4x8
(40 second jump rope between sets of last 2 exercises)

This was a really fun workout for me. Sometimes I like workouts that aren't strength focused at all! Got a good little pump.

1)Muscle ups: 2/1/1/1
2)Pullups: as many sets as it took to get to 40 reps
3)Handstand pushups: 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
4a)DB chest press: 40x3x12
4b)Wide grip cable row: 3x12
5a)DB alternating curl: 3x8
5b)DB lateral raise: 3x12
6a)Single arm overhead carry: 50 x 25 seconds
6b)L-sit hold: 3x12-15 seconds

Working on getting my body used to squatting with higher reps, slowly adding weight each week. Next week I'll aim for adding reps with the same weight.

1)Hip thrust w/band around knees: 155x3x12
2)Squats: 160x3x8
3)RDL single leg: 60x3x10
4a)Reverse hyper:3x15
4b)Sissy squat(machine): 3x20
5a)Band clams: 3x20
5b)Lunge jumps: 4x20

Friday, September 16, 2016

September "Currently"

Happy Friday! It's time for this month's "currently" post!

I'm currently...

Eating ...
NitroTech crunch bars!
MuscleTech just sent me a box of the cinnamon bun flavor to sample...and oh my gosh. Probably the best protein bar I've ever tasted.

LaCroix Passionfruit sparkling water. I really like this flavor!

I love my diet Pepsi, but I try to limit it to once or twice a week. This does the trick when I'm craving something carbonated, which is usually at dinner. I've only tried this flavor and lime, and this one is way better than lime.

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Really enjoying this one!

I've been on a rollerblading kick lately! We had a few really nice, lower humidity days, so I dusted off the ol' rollerblades and went for spin. I forget sometimes how much I enjoy rollerblading. Reminds me of being a kid, skating up and down the street where I grew up.


Season 3 just started back last week! This pretty much the one show that my husband and I enjoy
watching together. Otherwise he likes to watch wrestling, which I hate, and I like my real housewife shows, which he hates!

Thinking about...
How great is was to catch up with old friends. I had a few of my old middle school and highschool friends over a few weeks back since I haven't seen some of them in over 10 years!
We laughed and laughed for hours looking at old photos and home videos. It was a good time! We had to re-create this photo of us from 8th grade. How cool is that?

Excited about....
Starting my new leg program, eating more, and hopefully growing some quads and glutes! Higher rep squats SUCK, but it's what I gotta do!

Date night! Last weekend Matt and I went out for ice cream at The Widow's Walk Ice Creamery right across the river. It was a beautiful day for a drive in the Jeep, and there was a great view of the Louisville skyline. I got a chocolate peanut butter cup brownie sundae with caramel sauce and Reese cups. So yummy.

Happy about seeing my family a couple weeks ago for my brother's birthday dinner.
I hadn't seen my brother in a while. He goes through phases of depression and extreme anxiety, so it's good to see him with a smile on his face! I love them!

Listening to...
Priceless by For King & Country. Great song, great lyrics.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Workouts of the Week

I decided to do legs on Monday because I was still so sore from upper body on Saturday. I had some clients to train in the morning and wasn't really that into working out, so I took things easy and just did light weights. Sometimes you just need to move your body without going crazy with the weights.

1a)Bulgarian split squats: 4x12
1b)Ball leg curl: 3x12
2a)1 leg RDL: 4x10
2b)Band walks: 3x12
3a)Single leg hip thrusts w/band: 2x8/1x20(2 leg)
3b)Goblet squats: 3x12
4a)Reverse sled drags: 4x25 seconds
4b)Back extensions(on glute ham raise machine): 3x15

I decided to change things up a bit this week and instead of doing upper/lower, I did a push/pull split. I didn't do deadlifts last week, so I was itching to do them! I kept the weight around 70-75% of my max for sets of 5 and did them Sumo style just to change it up and because it's my weaker lift. After that I did a little extra glutes and then back, bis, and abs. It was fun to do something a little different, even though I usually don't enjoy bodypart splits like this on a consistent basis.

1)Sumo deadlifts: 205x2x5/185x5 (beltless)
2)Reverse hypers: 110x4x12
3a)Pullups(wide grip): 7/6/6/4+2
3b)Band seated abductions: 3x25-30
4)Feet elevated ring rows: 8/7/7/ feet on floor x12
5)TRX reverse flies: 3x12
6a)Kettlebell rope curls: 3x12
6b)Reverse crunch: 3x12
7)KB swings 3x12

1)Barbell overhead press: 65x6/75x6/80x5/5/65x10
2)Incline bench press: 95x3x6
3)Dips: rings-10/8/8/ Bar-10
4)Landmine 1 arm press: 8/10/10/10
5a)Lateral raise: 3x12
5b)Pullaparts: 3x15
6)Hanging leg raises: 10/3x8
Jump rope and handstand practice

1)Hip thrusts w/band around knees: 135x4x12
2)Squats: 155x3x8
3)Leg press: 4x15 (2 sets narrow stance, 2 sets wide)
4a)Glute ham raises: 3x15
4b)Band clams: 3x15
5)Walking lunges: 2x10 each leg/ 1x50 each leg(bodyweight)
6a)Back extensions w/weight: 3x12
6b)Calf raises: 3x12-15
7)Glute kickback machine: 2x12

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Celeste's First Sleepover

This past weekend, I had Celeste stay overnight with me for the first time. I was sooo excited-probably way more excited than she was! I was also looking forward to seeing what it would be like to have a kid for a couple of days! 

We played hide and seek, went for a walk, threw rocks in the creek, played her in "castle"(the gazebo in our neighborhood), swam in the pool, and made banana bread.
Her princess castle
Throwing rocks
This didn't last long because the water was so cold!
The one selfie she allowed me take with her!

Helping Uncle Matt walk Asher
Swinging on the hammock!

Everything went great until about 10:30 Saturday night when she banged her face on the edge of my glass table. I mean, she hit it HARD, and I know it had to hurt soooo bad. Then all she wanted was her mom, and I couldn't do anything to make it better. It was awful!

It seriously broke my heart, and I even had a little meltdown and started to cry myself, because I just hated seeing her in so much pain. At that point, I realized that either I love this little girl more than I even realized, or I am just not cut out for this parenting thing. Thankfully though, she started feeling better and was totally fine the next day, even though she did have a bump on her nose and above her eye. I think I was probably way more traumatized than she was.

I really did have so much fun with her, and I can't wait to have her over again! I miss her already. I never knew I could love a human being so much, especially one that is not even my own child. I am seriously obsessed with her! I can't even imagine what the love of a parent for their own child must be like.

It is definitely hard work and very exhausting though. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't mad about having to give her back to her mom the next day! I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy my "me" time and just chilling on the couch with my husband doing absolutely nothing. The next day Matt said he was excited to have his wife back!

So here are a few things I realized after having Celeste stay the night:
-Kids are very messy.
-You must be very good at multi-tasking.
-Kids change their minds a lot and are very easily distracted. 
-It breaks your heart when they get hurt and you can't do anything to make it better.
-Bedtime snuggles are the best.
-They can melt your heart just by looking into your eyes and talking in a sweet voice.
-Getting ready to go someplace takes twice as long.
-Being called "Aunt Lindsay" never gets old. 
-Kids never run out of energy.
-Parenting is no joke.
-I'm perfectly happy and content being an aunt and a dog mom.